Shihan Andrew April

Where did you grow up?   Paarl

What is your home language?   English

When did you start fighting?   Started with Kuyokushin Kai Karate in 1978 and Kickboxing/Boxing in 1984.

Do you train?   Currently I’m coaching kickboxing, LFS, MMA, Boxing and I’m also still training but I stopped fighting in 2001.

Which Dojo/Gym do you belong to?   I have my own gym. April’s Kickboxing Academy in Valhalla, Pretoria.

What makes you really happy?   To see people lives change when training with me.

From which province are you – where do you stay?   Gauteng and staying in Valhalla, Centurion.

Are you married?   Yes, happily married for 16 years and still going strong.

Do you have children?   Three children: 2 girls, aged 10 and 13, and a little boy, 5 years old.

Do you have pets?   Yes, 2 Labradors.


How many amateur fights have you won?   I think it must be over 60 or 70. I did not keep record but I have been fighting since 1984 until 2001 and have been the SA World PROFI and WAKO Kickboxing Champion on numerous occasions.

How many pro fights have you won?   13 ProAm Fights.

Which title did you hold and when did you achieve them?   SA WAKO Pro u/84kg Low Kick Kickboxing from 1996 to 2001 and SA World PROFI Kickboxing Semi and Light from 1993 to 1999




Why do you like the Last Fighter Standing concept?   It caters for every fighting style and is very exciting.

Do you support any charities?   Yes, homeless children village in Attridgeville.


How would you like to see the Martial Arts arena change in the future?   Every martial art participating under one umbrella body and one SA Championship that can cater for all disciplines.

What do you love most about South Africa?   The people and culture

Do you have a day time job and if so what do you do?   Military Practitioner


Shihan Andrew April (6th Degree) is a South African National Kickboxing Team Coach, WAKO Referee, Judge LFS Referee & SANDF Taekwondo Coach


quotation-marks  Thrill Seeker. Honest, Disciplined, Kind, Friendly and Dedicated. quotation_marks