Kru Pascal Rapodile


Kru Pascal Botshelo Rapodile was born in Ga-Rankuwa, Gauteng. Kru Rapodile, and his wife, Proportia Rapodile, have 2 children.


Pascal Botshelo Rapodile received Kru recognition from Muay Thai Boran South Africa and is currently teaching Muay Thai Boran in Mabopane Kasi Muaythai Boran Fight Gym. He is a strong advocate for Thai Culture and Heritage. He also involves his students in taking part in fighting drugs and poverty through sports, mainly Muay Thai. His current projects include promoting Muay Thai in Kasi and rural areas. In addition, he serves as Referee and Technical Advisor for Muay Thai Boran South Africa (MSA). He is a registered member of South African Muaythai Confederation (SAMC), MASA and Muay Thai Boran South Africa (MSA). He was recently honoured with the referee’s position for Last Fighter Standing.


Owner and Trainer of Kasi Muay Thai Boran Fight GYM

Recognized Kru by Muay Thai Boran South (MSA), South African Muay Thai Confederation (SAMC) and MASA.

Recognized Referee by all mentioned organizations.