Jaco Botha

Where did you grow up? Pretoria

What is your home language? Afrikaans

What is your favourite childhood memory? When I was 5, I was on my way to school the afternoon to join the “bulletjie rugby” but was late and very nervous, as I got to the rugby field; I turned around and ran away. As I ran past the school hall, I heard “Hie, ha” from the Karate class and from that day I fell in love with martial arts.

When did you start fighting? 3 Years ago

Do you train? Yes

How long do you train for? 4 to 5 times a week

Which Gym/dojo do you belong to? Rebel Agt

From which province are you – where do you stay? Gauteng, Johannesburg

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Yes plenty, but am I dating anyone? No!! Hahaha


How many amateur fights have you won? One

How many amateur fights have you lost? One

Fighting Style: Muay Thai


Which fighter inspires you? John Wane Parr

Who is your mentor? Master Kru Da Silva


Why do you like the Last Fighter Standing concept? Cause it shows honour and respect in a pro league and at the same time, growing the martial arts culture in a decent way.


How would you like to see the martial arts arena change in future? For the public to understand the culture and respect behind the sport.

What do you love most about South Africa? The climate and how beautiful it is!

Do you have a day time job and if so what do you do? Yes. A Manager for News Cafe Restaurant.

What is the code you live by? Honesty, truth and respect.

What is most important to you in life? To always get the truth, no matter what and no matter what the outcome might be.


quotation-marks  It all starts with truth. My need to know the truth at all times no matter if it is good or bad forms me to be very straight forward. If I don’t like you, you sure as hell will know it. This also does not mean I’m all that mean, I do have a heart, a soft one actually. I’m very outgoing in the sense of meeting new people, and actually analyzing them, again, I always want to know where I stand with someone from the start, but I myself keep my things to myself. Opening up to someone about myself is a no go, I’m strong and it is because I deal with my own stuff by myself. Get me on a good day and I will make you laugh for days, but when it is time to be serious all jokes are put on the side. I’m open minded towards many things as I have been through quite some different situations in life which makes me quite a free spirit, I’m game for whatever you put in front of me. On a lighter side, I do love Chocolate Mouse! 😉 quotation_marks