Dario Campos

Where did you grow up?   Yeoville / Northcliff

What is your home language?   English/Portuguese

From which province are you – where do you stay?   KZN

Are you married?   Yes

Do you have children?   Yes, I have 4 kids.


Fighting Styles:   Judo, Ninjitsu, Boxing

When did you start fighting?   Judo at 6 years old

How long do you train for?   1-2hrs, 3-4 days a week


Which fighter inspires you?   Sebastiaan “Bas” Rutten

Who is your mentor?   An elder from my church

Who is the most important person/s in your life?   My Wife

What makes you really happy?   My family – kids laughing and happy


Why do you like the Last Fighter Standing concept?   No delays, Brief time for max action, Every move counts!


Is there any specific cause that you would like to support?   Community Upliftment

Do you support any charities?   I am the Chairman of PINC – People Investing in Needs of Communities


How would you like to see the martial arts arena change in future?   More comraderie and support between the various styles/schools.

What do you love most about South Africa?   Natural beauty and our way of life.

Do you have a day time job and if so what do you do?   JSE Trader

What is the code you live by?   Honesty, Respect, Integrity

What is most important to you in life?   Family


quotation-marks  Always been observant and cautious. I remember arranging fights at primary school between KEPS and Yeoville Boys. Mr KZN 2010/2011 with my wife (Mrs KZN 2010/2011). Qualified Securities Trader & Financial Advisor, CPO, Health & Safety Officer and Commissioner of Oaths. Live to learn and learn to live! quotation_marks


quotation-marks  Easy going and diplomatic, focused when needed and a motivator. quotation_marks