BLOG03: What Can Be Done In 20 Seconds On The Ground?

BLOG03: What Can Be Done In 20 Seconds On The Ground?

Last Fighter Standing enforces a 20 second rule on the ground, and while I love the ground game, I can see the excitement around the ring when the crowd echoes the countdown.

Is 20 seconds enough to go for a submission, or is it better to just ground and pound? Sometimes submissions such as rear naked chokes and armbars take a little while to setup and may be tricky while the opponent is listening to the countdown with his elbows tucked in and his chin on his chest, and later in the fight it may be difficult to control a sweaty slippery arm. But 20 seconds is a long time to be receiving strikes from under topmount, and the LFS referees will always prioritise the fighters’ safety and stop the fight if the person under top-mount is taking damage.

Should a striker try to stand back up, or just minimise the damage and wait it out? What would you do?

  • Joshua Ignjatovic has proven how much can be done in 20 secs. Also…he has shown that you can win an extremely powerful and talented kickboxer by making use of those 20 secs.
    And if your not a jits guy….20 secs can be extremely long to get your ass handed to you.

  • 20 seconds is fine if one fighter is experienced on the ground and the other is not, but if both have a good ground game then 20 seconds is not enough. I understand that the rules are there to promote a more ‘exciting’ fight, but I would have preferred a longer time limit on the ground, say a minute. 20 seconds is not enough to setup any decent submissions (unless you start in mount) against an experienced opponent so all you’ll be left with is ground and pound, thereby loosing the whole point of ‘mixed’ martial arts.

    • Sapateiro

      I agree Jon, 20 seconds isn’t enough for two experienced ground fighters unless one lands in topmount or someone is already dazed. But the LFS is taking on more ‘single art’ fighters that are keen to showcase their art and are probably more classical and less rounded than mainstream MMA fighters would be. This leads to some being far superior on the ground which (hopefully) makes for a crazy 20 seconds.

  • Fanie Prinsloo

    check my Knockout out in the Durban Prelims from a massive Takedown to only using 10 seconds with elbow strikes