Andrew Mailer

Where did you grow up?      I grew up in JHB till the age of 11 then moved to Table View, Cape Town.

What is your home language?      English

When did you start fighting?      I started fighting in grade 8 the age of 16.

Do you train?      I do not train any longer.

Which Dojo/Gym do you belong to?      I use to belong to Panther.

From which province are you – where do you stay?      Western Cape

Are you married?      I have a beautiful girlfriend, Kaela Moss.

Do you have pets?      I have a fish as a pet that I caught a few years back.


How many amateur fights have you won?      I have won 10 amateur fights.


My fighting style is Thai-Boxing (k-1)


Why do you like the Last Fighter Standing concept?      The thing I like most about the LFS concept is that a fighter can be given an 8 count when he/she has received a heavy blow both standing and on the ground. Where as in MMA usually the fight would be over.


How would you like to see the Martial Arts arena change in the future?      I would like to see weight classes fall away in the martial arts arena.

What do you love most about South Africa?       The thing I love most about South Africa is the vast diversity of people and how some of them interact with one another. It is very rare though.

Do you have a day time job and if so what do you do?      I work for Vetus Maxwell South Africa, selling boating equipment mainly to boat manufacturers of catamarans and yachts (luxury vessels).


quotation-marks  My personality is a splitting image of my Mother’s. We love to listen and observe rather than be the one talking. I am humble and show a lot of respect, even to people that don’t deserve it but push my buttons and I can snap (step on my toes and they will end up in your mouth). quotation_marks